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Xiros Medium Messolonghi Salt 500gr

Xiros Medium Messolonghi Salt 500gr

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Medium salt at wholesale packaging sieved of high purity with uniform medium grain granulometry. The sieving process, a completely natural process, is done with proffesional sieving machines to seperate the salt into different granulometry sizes.

The crude natural sea salt contains all the valuable trace elements of sea water such us potassium, calcium, magnesium in an ideal ratio our body needs to function properly.

Salt crystalls melt easily and are evely distributed in food. It’s ideal for cooking, pastries, salads and dressings.

Our salt is 100% greek sea salt which comes only from the sea pans of Messolonghi.

  • Does’t contain chemical additives, flow enhancers, which are contained in common salt.
  • No synthetic iodine has been added, it contains the iodine from the sea water, which is recognized and absorbed from the human body.
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