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1. Company. This site is managed by the company IOANNIS PAPADONIKOLAKIS And Co. Partnership which has the following details:
Physical Address: 41, Kydathineon st., Athens 105 58, Greece
VAT details: EL999039171, tax office E' Athinon
Registration number: 7284701000

2. Acceptance of General Terms and Conditions. The use of the website brettosplaka.com and its products are subject to the following Terms and Conditions (GTC). Please take note that the GTC of brettosplaka.com are applied to all orders/purchases, which are given by the user either through brettosplaka.com, or by telephone through our Call Center, or directly at "Brettos" store. By making an order or a purchase of a product offered by brettosplaka.com, the user accepts without any doubts the GTC of brettosplaka.com.

3. Benefits - Application of the GTC. Brettosplaka.com provides a portal, which offers beverages and accessories. The order of a product through the site is feasible only if this product is available at the time of purchase. If the order is completed, a contract is made binding the user and the provider of the product only.

4. Working Hours. The working hours of brettosplaka.com, during which you can make a telephone transaction, are the following: Monday - Friday: 10:00 to 17:00. If you wish to make a purchase directly from the company's store in Plaka, you can go the following days/hours: Monday - Sunday: 10:00 to 3:00

5. Order. Upon completion of all relevant fields of our order form and terminating of the order, the user gives an explicit mandate to brettosplaka.com to proceed with the shipping of the product(s). The operations in our web portal by a user, registered and understood as orders, are the following: The orders given by the user via the portal brettosplaka.comThe orders received by telephone via the Call Center of brettosplaka.comThe orders given by the user directly to "Brettos" store The order of a purchase binds the user in any case. The orders, which are NOT given through the portal brettosplaka.com may have different pricing.

6. Confirmation of the Order. When ordering through the website brettosplaka.com, the user will receive a confirmation via email. The user is obliged to check immediately the accuracy of the confirmation details (product, quantity, price, etc.) and to inform brettosplaka.com about any mistakes made during the registration of the order. The order is sent to the user by regular mail or courier with an extra charge, separately mentionedv at the checkout. You have also the option to collect your oprder from the Brettos store in Plaka during working hours without any extra charge. Brettosplaka.com is not responsible for any loss of goods, sent by the Greek post or by courier.

7. Methods of payment. The payment methods are separately listed on our website brettosplaka.com for each product. Only the payment methods mentioned on our website will be accepted. Please note that we accept most credit cards. Your credit card details will be used in order to receive the payment of an order. If you decide to pay by bank deposit, we usually give a 48 hours deadline to make the deposit of the entire amount. Brettosplaka.com has no obligation to send the ordert to the user, before the payment of the purchase. In any case, the customer's obligation to pay for the products ordered, remains. Brettosplaka.com may ask the user to provide evidence of his address of residence or a copy of his credit card or his bank account through fax or post, before final shipping. Brettosplaka.com has the right to send the order to the address indicated on credit card used to make the purchase.

8. Cancellations, Changes. Upon completion of the order, you may change or completely cancel the order only before final shipping of the product(s).

9. Right of Withdrawal (applies only for EU orders). You have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days, for any reason and without a justification. The full amount including the delivery costs will be credited back to the same payment method you selected to pay for the order in the first place. You will just need to bear the cost to ship the package back to our store.

10. Replacement / Return Goods. When a product arrives damaged or broken, brettosplaka.com will replace it without any extra charge provided you send a photo via email showing the physical condition of the product. Brettosplaka.com will also replace a product, free of charge, in the unlikely event that this product is spoiled. In this case, the user must return the defective product within 48 hours of its receipt.

11. Reject an Order. Brettosplaka.com has the right to reject an order made by a user, if he violates the terms of use of the site.

12. Exclusion of Liability. The information and details relating to the goods are given by our suppliers (wine producers etc). Brettosplaka.com makes every possible effort to verify the information published on this site in order to avoid mistakes and inaccuracies. Brettosplaka.com can not guarantee the accuracy and the completeness of such information. Brettosplaka.com is not liable for any product unavailability after the order. In no event shall brettosplaka.com be responsible for errors, omissions, or denial of any supplier in connection with the operation and use of the site and the information given by the provider. Brettosplaka.com is not responsible for any interventions in products or in the information provdied through this website by an unauthorized third party. Brettosplaka.com has no responsibility for any additional expense, omission, delay, cost imposed by any customs office or any other public authority. Brettosplaka.com is trying for the proper operation of the site, but can not guarantee the proper function and suitability of the programs (software), the products, and can not also guarantee that its function will be uninterrupted or without viruses and other similar elements. This also applies to the other information given in this site, which is provided by third parties. This site contains links to third party websites. Brettosplaka.com is not responsible for the availability, the privacy policy, the content and the completeness of the pages of third party websites, neither for any damage arising from their use. It is the user's only responsibility. The information provided through this site is subject to changes. Brettosplaka.com or his partners have the right to make changes to the site at any time.

13. User's Responsibility. The use of the site must be for lawful purposes only and in a legal manner so it does not restrict or prevent its use by others. The user must use the website in accordance to the law, the morality and the present conditions, and should not make acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction to brettosplaka.com. By using this site, the user ensures that he is at least 18 years old and meets all legal requirements for the use of this site. The user should supervise and take responsibility for any use of this site by minors or users acting on his account. User also guarantees the correctness and completeness of all information and data given about himself or his family members. Any order made for profit, or to mislead or to defraud, is prohibited. The order of products through this website may is allowed only when making legal reservations and purchases in the name of the user or in other persons name, on behalf of whom the user hase the right to act. The user accepts that the abuse of brettosplaka.com services may lead to the exclusion of this user's to the site.

14. Copyright, Trademarks. The copyright and all other rights protected on the site belong to brettosplaka.com. The contents of this site belong exclusively to brettosplaka.com, unless otherwise stated. The name brettosplaka.com as well as all trademarks, logos and graphic designs shown on the website are the property of brettosplaka.com. It is absolutely forbidden to copy, distribute, transport, process, resale, create a derivative work or mislead the public about the actual service provided of this website and its content. Any reproduction, republication, uploading, posting, distribution, or transmission or any other use of content in any manner or means, for commercial or other purposes is permitted only within prior permission of brettosplaka.com.

14. Applicable Law. The law applied between the relations of the users and brettosplaka.com is solely the Greek law, excluding international law rules. The only responsible for resolving the disputes arised between the parties is Athens the court.

15. Amendments to these Terms. Brettosplaka.com has the right to modify or extend the above Terms and Conditions of using this website at any time, with future effect, without any obligation to inform the user. The website will show the general terms and conditions applicable at the time of order/purchase. In case of any amendment to the general terms of this site, the User automatically accepts it. The validity of these conditions can not be altered by any contrary terms proposed by the user. Any amendments and additions to these conditions are only valid if they are agreed by a legal representative of brettosplaka.com. Any amendments and additions to these terms, or any additional agreements will be made in writing. A fax or an e-mail are equivalent to legal document.

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