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Xiros Blossom Salt Of Messolonghi 500gr

Xiros Blossom Salt Of Messolonghi 500gr

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In the surface of the sea, there our product is, the salt blossom.

It is a very special product, salt blossom widely known as high quality salt and the king of salt. It has a special light taste, melts in the mouth creating a unique feeling. It is crude salt, rich in trace elements such as fluorine, magnesium, pottasium, calcium. It’s collected on the surface of the water in the salt pans and is strictly collected by hand. It is cosidered a gourmet product.

Due to the fact that is dissolves faster than common salt, the afrina salt blossom is added to all of your delicious creations just before the last touch of your dish and in the food just before the end of cooking, so you can enjoy its unique taste and flavor.

The afrina salt blossom has a white colour , crystalline and sparkling shape while the moisture it has gives a unique texture.

It is known to be the most popular favorites of the most famous chefs in the world.

The salt pans of Messolonghi generously offer this gift of nature, the afrina salt blossom to everyone through the company ”Xiros salt of Messolonghi” in a special glass package of 250 gr. Perfectly accompanies grilled meat or fish, salads and vegetables.

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