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Olive Secret Pure Organic Fresh Olive Oil 500ml

Olive Secret Pure Organic Fresh Olive Oil 500ml

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The Pure Organic Fresh Olive Oil 500ml is a Pure Organic EVOO, It is an award-winning early harvest single variety organic extra virgin olive oil from the Koroneiki variety. It applies modern organic farming techniques with the harvest starting strictly in early October.

The oiling takes place on the same day within four hours of its collection, by the method of cold pressing thus aiming at the maximum yield of aromas of the fruit.

Its juice is rich in phenolic substances with a strong fruity aroma, from green unripe fruits and berries, notes of freshly harvested unripe olives, tomato leaves, the flower of the flowers.

The almonds, the artichokes, and the herbal gentle notes of tea and chamomile ignite the senses and create a feeling of freshness with an intense aftertaste where the mediocre spicy and the mildly bitter element blend harmoniously with each other.

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