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Olea Secret Green Olives 1kg

Olea Secret Green Olives 1kg

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Chalkidiki Olives are large pale green Greek olives in oval shape and commonly harvested while it is still young. Usually processed through brine curing which has a firmer meat texture that can provide a full soft flavor with a little tartness and a bit peppery in taste.

Often referred to as Halkidiki, the Halkidiki Olives grows exclusively in Greece in the Chalkidiki region which is adjacent to Mount Athos. Chalkidiki or Chalkidiki Olive got its name from the place where they are naturally found in an area in Greece regarded as Central Macedonia region which when translated means Halkidiki or Chalkidiki.

This Greek olive is also called “donkey olive” because of its big size. Chalkidiki Olives are excellent table olives with high quality and large enough to stuff with other food ingredients.

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