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Asopos Groves Kalamon Olives with Orange 250gr

Asopos Groves Kalamon Olives with Orange 250gr

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 Kalamon Olives with Orange.

Kalamon olives are also famously known in other parts of the world as Kalamata olives. The Kalamon or Kalamata olives are the most popular variety of olives widely used in cooking and as an ingredient in a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes.

The Kalamon with its distinct superior taste and quality is one of the widely exported Greek produce. The Kalamon olives are one of the top exported food items from Greece all over the world. It is cultivated in the areas of Messinia (formerly known as Kalamata) and Lakonia (known as Sparta) can also be found in the region of Agrinion in Greece.

The Kalamon fruits usually ripen during mid-November to early January which is the late fall to midwinter.

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