Brettos Drinking Experience

After all these decades “Brettos” distillery and bar is still the best place to have a few drinks after work, after a good meal, or just before you go to sleep. Without any lifestyle codes, with soft music coming from a small radio forgotten on one of the wooden shelves, “Brettos” is the perfect place is you wish to get away form everyday life and have a chat with your friends. The only thing that could surprise you are the flashes coming from the cameras of all shorts of tourist that visit the store daily. The only thing you should be certain of is the fact that you can easily fall in love with “Brettos” for its special atmosphere, both low-key and attractive, the authenticity and the friendliness of its owners.

Today “BRETTOS” distillery and bar is considered to be amongst the landmarks of Plaka. It has appeared in numerous articles of international and local newspapers and magazines like the Guardian, the National Geographic, «Κ» of Kathimerini, Eleftherotipia and others, as well as many foreign and Greek web sites and blogs. The people behind the bar are always willing to serve you and keep up the tradition of this special place, creating a friendly mix with locals and travelers. Actually, “BRETTOS” has been awarded by the “Let’s Go Publications” as the shop with the best customer service for 2007. It is posted as number 7 most important attraction in Athens in Tripdavisor.com.

It is worth passing by “BRETTOS”. You might find you now hang out place, since it stays open from 10am till 2am every day, making it' a perfect old place for a nightcap.