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Asopos Groves Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottle 500ml

Asopos Groves Extra Virgin Olive Oil bottle 500ml

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🏺 EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL - From the “Protected Geographical Indication” of Lakonia, Southern Greece, comes our prized Asopos Groves Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
A precious product of ancient soils, produced with love and respect for a generations-long family tradition in olive oil production.
🌿 RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS — Olive oil is the single most important ingredient in almost all recipes of the Mediterranean diet, a diet renowned for its unparalleled and well-established health benefits. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in natural antioxidants that greatly contribute to the overall health of our bodies and benefit our cardiovascular condition.
✅ HAND-PICKED & COLD-PRESSED — Harvested by the... old ways by human hands, and milled solely by mechanical means within a few hours of harvesting using cold-pressing traditional techniques that guarantee maximum flavour and superior quality.

The Asopos Groves extra virgin olive oil is produced using the "KORONEIKI" and "ATHINOLIA" varieties. After a "rest" period of at least two months in stainless steel tanks the two varieties are mixed to give an unbelievably delicate flavor.

Having a Low Acidity of <0,4% is ranked among the best EVOO. During our Chemical analysis reports by Multichrom.lab , an International Olive Council Recognized laboratory we have seen an acidity of as low as 0.23% after a physico-chemical testing - Type B (CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS no: 82433)

Our EVOO comes in 100ml / 250ml / 500ml bottles as well as single dose miniature bottles
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